I just got word from the guys at Sw!tchGlo that the long awaited Sw!tchGlo is just around the corner!  The new model witll be the exact same size as it is now but offer tons of programable features not just for helis but for planes as well!



New Features include:
Able to accept anything from 4V to 9V and automatically output the same consistent glow.
Able to automatically adjust glow intensity based on glow plug type (OS8, OSF, Enya, etc), glow plug state of deterioration, Glow plug condition (clean, gunked, flooded, etc)
Able to manually adjust between 12 sec. auto shut-off (for starting only) or 60 sec. auto shut-off (for low throttle mixes, Airplane final approaches)
Able to manually adjust SwitchGlo trigger point to the positive or negative zone (for DX7 & Y-harness installations)
Able to manually adjust between TX switch mode or Aux switch mode giving the user the option to mount an auxiliary pushbutton switch with 10″ lead (sold separately) to activate SwitchGlo from a switch on the craft rather then the transmitter (Option for users without a spare channel and Car applications.)
Audible warning indicator if your glow plug connections is shorted to chassis ground. This feature will give off a distinctive beeping and render SwitchGlo inactive until the short is broken. (Currently, the SwitchGlo would burn up of this short occurs when the SwitchGlo is activated for more then 7-10 seconds)
Plus some additional mechanical improvements like strain reliefs on wires exiting the unit.

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