SwitchGlo has just released the new Pro version of their popular remote glow product.  The Pro model adds several new features as a result of feedback from customers.

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New Features On The SwitchGlo Pro vs. Original SwitchGlo:

  • Dip switches on the unit to control behavior.  Options include using TX or push button for glow start, servo reverse, buzzer on/off, and 12 or 60 second glow auto shut-off.
  • Glow and ground output is now a connector molded into the case of the unit.   Previous model was a wire exiting the case with connector attached.  This wire had issues with breaking at the case.  The new connector solves that issue.
  • Optional external push button now available that can be used solely, or in addition to the radio, to initiate the glow to the plug.  This is very handy for people who do not have a extra channel on their RX but still want to use the SwitchGlo.
  • Now have the choice of either 12 seconds or 60 seconds of glow before auto shut-off.  Previously there were two different models available; 1. heli with 12 second glow, and 2. airplane with 60 second glow.  With SwitchGlo Pro you pick your glow length regardless of application.
  • Power input from the RX is now rated for 4v – 9v.  This means you can use the SwitchGlo with anything from 4.8v NiMH to a 8.4v 2S lipo. Previous model you have to choose either a 6v or 8v model depending on your RX battery input.  With SwitchGlo Pro there is one model for all battery options.
  • The SwitchGlo Pro uses a proprietary intelligent glow algorithm to regulate the output power so your plug receives a perfect glow at any supply voltage. The best part is this extends the life of plugs by not overheating them. Ni-Cd Igniters and other Onboard Glow Drivers generally glow the plug hotter than it should be shortening the lifespan of your glow plug.

The SwitchGlo Pro is now available for pre-sale.  They expect to start shipping the first part of July.  You can then expect to see these on the dealer sites toward the end of July.

Check back here soon for a full review!

For more information and to place a order visit the SwitchGlo web site by clicking HERE.

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