SwitchGlo Pro – Pushbutton Module

This tiny plug-in Module allows a “do-it-yourselfer” to build your own custom trigger extension for SwitchGlo Pro as a secondary method to activate glow when the craft is on the ground. For those who prefer complete control over the type of switch or button, wire gauge and length, this is for you. Choose your own parts based on your specifications and solder it together.

After assembly, simply plug this Module into the accessory port face up. Each time the switch is activated, SwitchGlo will run for 12 seconds and then automatically shut itself off. A button will perform exactly like the official ZRC 15” Pushbutton Extension, allowing multiple presses to increase glow time up to 1 minute. A switch will need to be recycled back to it’s original position before triggering glow again.

[ Switch and Wire not included ]
Compatible Device: SwitchGlo Pro
Tools Reqired: Soldering Iron

Please visit your local hobby shop or favorite online ZRC retailer for availability, pricing, and to place your order. Or you can order directly on the ZRC website.

Source: ZRC

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