“Are you tired of damaging your main frame due to the landing gear putting too much pressure on the mounts without distributing the force? Are you tired of replacing the blades, boom, main shaft, tail parts, etc after your landing gear breaks and the heli roll’s over? Are you tired of the so-called unbreakable gear breaking in cold weather? Are you wanting to get off your training gear sooner because you don’t want your buddies seeing you on sticks and wiffle balls still? Dont want to put on clumsy looking unfinished gear either? Are you frustrated and ready to hang up the hobby because you keep breaking parts that could otherwise possibly have been avoided?

If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then read on!”

Take a look at this “Spider gear landing system” from X gear heli. Its a spring loaded system that flex open to absorb the impact of very hard landing. It is 1″ wider than stock landing gears, thereby reducing the chances of tip over. An ingenious idea I must admit. This is not for the weight conscious stick bangers, but for flyers looking for blings or beginner pilots who find the typical “ball and stick” training skid too ugly.

This system is available for Align t-ex 450 and 600, Thunder tiger raptor 30/50/60/90 and mini titan and also E-flite blade 400. Photo below shows a complete T-rex 600N set, including the base plate. The date on the photo is an error(the 600N heli was only released in 2007)…the 600N spider gear set was only introduced 3weeks ago, so no worries, this is not some super old stock that has been sitting in the warehouse for the past few years…

Click here to visit xgearheli

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