Horizon Hobby posted news on their Facebook page announcing new setup downloads for the Spektrum DX8 and DX7s. Well, this morning I downloaded the files. I knew how easy the process was so I decided to document the step by step process I use. For this process, I’ll be using my DX8 and installing the file for the Blade mCP X. Continue through to get the description of the new files posted by Horizon Hobby and view the step by step pics I took for the process from start to finish.

Blade MCPx

This setup has been custom tailored for use with the DX8 and is the same setup used by the Blade Development Team as listed in the manual, including all dual rates, expo, and correct servo reversing. These files will work in both the V1 and V2 versions of the model.

Attention- Safety First!

The model setup files provided here can greatly simplify setting up complex programming in your DX8 for you favorite aircraft. Because mechanical setups can vary on some types of models, it is your responsibility to ensure all controls are operating in the proper direction and within the manufacturers recommended throws. You should also take time to understand the anticipated flight characteristics for each flight mode that might be enabled.

Additional Setup File for the DX8:
PKZU1500 ParkZone UM T-28

Spektrum DX7s
BLH1600 450 3D (Basic and Advanced Setups)
BLH1650 450 3D (Basic and Advanced Setups)
BLH3600 mcpx 2
BLH3680 mcpx 2
PKZU1500 UM T-28

Here is the process I took (basically followed the download instructions):

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