So you wanna know what makes the new Scorpion HKIII motors so awesome? Read on…

There are several key differences between the earlier HKII series motors and the new HKIII series motors from Scorpion. Here’s the break-down:

1. The new HKIII motors use a different alloy in the stator laminations. This material has a higher efficiency and lower hysteresis for less internal losses and less internal heating of the motor.

2. The shape of the stator has changed to concentrate more of the magnetic flux fields towards the magnet faces for greater efficiency and higher torque.

3. The rotor can of the new HKIII motors is made of a new alloy that retains more of the magnetic fields and also helps to increase the motor efficiency.

4. The rotor can features a new spiral cut cooling fin pattern that not only increases the flux pattern for the magnetic fields in the motor, it also increases the surface area and acts as a built-in heatsink for better cooling. Unlike other motors, that use a series of circular cuts in the rotor can, the HKIII motor use a continuous cut from one end of the motor to the other. This actually pulls air down the sides of the motor for increased cooling and lower operating temperatures. This new cooling technique has been patented in several countries worldwide.

5. All of the changes to increase the efficiency in the motor naturally cause the motor to have a lower Kv value. In order to get the Kv value back up where it originally was, the motors are wound with fewer turns of wire. Since fewer turns are needed, the wire used to wind the motors can be larger. This allows for lower internal resistance (Rm) in the motors, and also increases their current handling capability.

All of these changes work together to make the new Scorpion HKIII 40mm motors the highest power and most efficient helicopter motors every created.

Source: Innov8tive Designs

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