Savöx Tech out of Tawian has announced a new line of brushless servos to be released mid 2009.  What’s so special about them, well they are the first brushless servos on the market that are factory rated for 8.4v (i.e. 2s lipo).   8.4v has become very popular on the cyclic servos, but what about the tail servo?  Well Savöx also has announced not only a 8.4v cyclic servo but also a 8.4v tail servo.

Check out these specs!

SB-550TG – tail servo – .05 @ 8.4v

SB-750TG – cyclic servo – .07 @ 8.4v

Here’s a full release sheet showing the new brushless and brushed servos for 2009.

As a side note, it’s been rumored that Savöx is the company that OEM servos for Align.  If that it so we should see some new brushless servos from Align this summer, which will certainly be available at an awesome price point!

For more info on the servos, visit their site HERE.

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