LED Magnifying Lamp with Third Hand (60004RC)

This magnifying lamp provides an outstanding all-round solution, offering a clear view of objects with its 2x and 4x magnification. The 16 bright integrated LEDs provide the right amount of light at every workplace, while the cast iron base ensures stable positioning. The third hand and a gooseneck holder are useful when working on multiple objects, and the spindle for brazing solder and the holder for the soldering iron make the LED magnifying lamp an indispensable tool for every workshop. The cast iron base provides an ideal working station for small PCBs, components, clocks etc. Included in the package are:

● Magnifying lamp
● Mounting holder with 2 alligator clips
● Sponge
● Power supply unit
● 4 x rubber feet
● 2 x spindle holders
● 2 x spindles (10/19mm)

Technical Data:

● Operating voltage: 100-240 V/AC or 4 x 1.5 V batteries, type AA
● Gooseneck length (magnifier): 265 mm
● Gooseneck length (lateral): 250 mm
● Spindle holder: 2 x (10/19mm)

Download the Operating Instructions here.
Available in Q4 2012.

Source: RC Logger

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