Gasoline Refueling Parts Set
List Price: ¥2,900JPY

Customize your Fuel Can!
You drill the holes in any fuel can of your choice and use this parts set to make refueling easy, clean and simple.

Tube, weight, nozzle and nipple set for gasoline refueling. Since the gasoline fuel hose is not as hard as the glow fuel’s, it has large and heavy parts.

Stainless steel mesh inside as the filter.
The refueling nozzle’s design is tight and reliable, with a sense of great quality.

Set includes:
Tube for gasoline x80cm, Nipple x2, Weight x1, Nozzle x1

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GPS Antenna Holder for Multicopter
List Price: ¥2,500JPY

This collet chuck type Antenna Holder makes it easy to remove the antenna.

The antenna can be removed by simply loosening up the chuck.
With the antenna taken off, it is very convenient to maintaining the assembled multicopter or to put it inside.

Because of the GPS measurement error, sometimes the multicopter becomes unstable when you hit the downward rudder.
Although it is possible to correct the error by fine-adjusting the antenna direction, the antenna is usually fixed (by instant glue, etc), so it is not easy to fine-adjust the antenna on the spot.

By using this antenna holder, you can change the antenna direction instantly by simply loosen up the chuck. The on-the-spot fine adjustment becomes much easier.

(The 4mm antenna rod in the picture is not included in the product.)

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GSR260Z Painted Body
KS-2846 (Red) / KS-2846.1 (Blue)
List Price: ¥59,000JPY

The painted FRP body for GSR260Z.
The tail support set can be stored inside the tail part.

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3-Blades Tail Rotor system for JR 90
List Price: ¥17,000JPY

COMING SOON! Release date: February 10, 2013

This 3-Blades Tail Rotor system is for increasing the number of tail rotors on JR 90 or GSR class helicopters to 3 pieces.

By increasing the tail rotor number to 3 pieces, not only does the gyro sensitivity increase, the performance is also boosted.
You will be surprised how much wind noise it can reduce.

Pilot Mr. Nonogaki (second place winner in 2012 Japan F3C championship) tested this product and commented enthusiastically, “I will definitely install it on my helicopter to compete for world championship!” He specifically noted the 3-Blades Tail Rotor system’s exceptional capability in back/flip style maneuvers.

* For 5mm out shaft only.
* JR-70528 Tail Slide Sleeve (sold separately) is required.

The tail rotors are sold separately.
Please use the 3-blades tail rotors (105mm) released by FunTech.

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