FUSUNO GRAFFITI Fiberglass Airbrush Canopy Trekker 800E

Product Details
Fusuno canopies are made with highest quality resin and fiberglass material to provide strong but flexible canopies. It helps prevent cracks that is normally seen in other canopies that are using lower quality material. All paints and clear coat are automobile grade provide great look, Great design at bargain price.

Line Break - Medium Green

Carbon Fiber 0.6mm Landing Gear Nano CPX

Product Details
Crash costs a lot, especially carbon fiberparts. Therefore Fusuno comes up with new carbon fiber parts with much lower cost than stock part.

And as always Fusuno offers a very affordable price. Beautiful carbon fiber material at very attractive price.

Don’t be fooled by the low price. Due to our capability to produce the carbon fiber sheet in house and we also have CNC routers in house, we are able to provide affordable yet beautiful carbon fiber parts for your helicopters.

Package includes:

front landing gear mount
Rear landing gear mout
battery mount (plastic)
M1.4 x5
landing gear (carbon fiber)

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