This is pretty cool! Rail Blades have announced the soon to be released Rail 136mm blades for the Blade 130X! These miniature rail blades feature the same flybarless design as the larger Rail Blades, and are made out of super stiff high quality carbon fiber. The 136’s also feature the same weighted “bullet” design as the stock blades, and also weigh the same as the stock blades.

There are only three prototype sets at the moment, and there is no specific release date other than we’re told that they are coming soon! Keep a close eye on your favorite Rail Blades distributor, and you can also keep checking for further updates!

Additional info from Matt Botos:

I’ve received a few questions recently about the “bullet” on the front of the stock 130x blades as well as the Rail 136mm blade and why they exist.

To start, the “bullet” does absolutely nothing to compensate for an incorrect airfoil or manufacturing limitations. The “bullet” exists for a good reason which I will explain below.

Using aerospace proven airfoils is not enough, almost every rotor blade on the market today uses an aerospace airfoil. Our hobby is very specific in it’s rotor blade performance needs which is why there are many more aspects to designing a great rotor blade than just selecting an aerospace airfoil. While the airfoil is important to efficiency, lift, and drag, there are many more key items which need addressed while designing a rotor blade. Factors such as “cord” and “span” center of gravity can drastically affect the flight performance.

Bullet Explanation – The “bullet” is a great way to configure the correct cord wise center of gravity for a desired blade characteristic without adding additional weight to the rotor blade. It is crucial that 130x blades are light in order to prevent over loading the small motor. The cord wise CG is critical to the performance of any flybarless rotor blade, cord wise CG can be adjusted to create a blade that leads or lags while the rotor head is spinning. A blade that leads was typically designed for older flybar helicopters in order to gain more cyclic speed. However, a leading blade performs poorly with flybarless helicopters. With flybarless helicopters a blade that lags will perform much better in all aspects than a blade that leads.

The Rail 136 carbon fiber blades are made exactly like your full size Rail Blades! They are designed to give your Blade 130x the ultimate performance in collective response, cyclic response, as well as forward flight tracking that you have come to expect in a carbon fiber rotor blade. If you are looking to take your Blade 130x to the next level…. Put it on Rails!

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