HeliProz.com has recently released a new variant of their Mavrikk line of carbon fiber main rotor blades called the G5 Pro Wide Cord.

Description from HeliProz.com:

ALL NEW Mavrikk G5 PRO 600mm Wide Chord Blades!!! You asked for it, we got it done!! Now our best selling brand of blades for beginner to intermediate flying have busted into the 3D market! All the craze right now is the wide chord, lighter weight blades for hard 3D flying and Mavrikk has the answer! With the lowest priced 3D blades in the industry these are sure to be a best seller!! We have also added a new white color trim and bottom for improved visibility. Check ’em out!!!

Available Lengths (mm): 325, 430, 550, 600, 690, 700, 710

I’ll be reporting on the performance of a set of 600mm blades. So far, each blade weighs in at 137g.
Check back soon for the full report!

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