Our friends at RC Mania Magazine posted pics and info of the Scorpion Lock Strap. Click on to take a look at the pics and product info.

1 Scorpion Lock Strap

3 Strap Description

Scorpion lock strap has the revolutionary change for the traditional strap, with the newest design of non-slippery grip to assure maximum traction, this lock strap can hold the battery firmly with the battery type for 500-700 class helicopter.
Patent Pending: (US, EU, HK, CHINA, TAIWAN)
Weight including packaging 30g

Looks like the package includes 3 straps. Order from your favorite Scorpion dealer or directly on the Scorpion Power System website for your very own set or maybe 2 or 3 sets. For the price of 3 straps per package, I know I’ll be ordering a few.

Source: RC Mania Magazine and Scorpion Power Systems

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