“Bevel Box is a mini digital protractor that provides digital angle readings. This precision angle measurement system will allow pilots to measure any angle on their aircraft to a resolution of 0.1 degrees.

It is suited for setting up control throws, incidence, decalage, motor thrust angle as well as comparing wing and tail incidence quickly and easily. The meter can be “zeroed” at any angle, so the airplane doesnt have to be level in order to measure. This light-weight measuring unit is perfect for setting up gliders!

It can also be used as a digital RC heli pitch guage with a simple mod. Prefect for helis of all sizes where precision matters! Especially for flybarless where there is no flybar to take reference from.”

  • Resolution : 0.1 degree
  • Accuracy : +/- 0.1 degree
  • Range : +/- 180 degrees
  • Dimension : 50mm x 50mm x 33mm (2″x2″x1.3″)
  • Package :1x Bevel Box,  2x 3V lithium batt , 1x leather carrying case

The digital pitch gauge can be bought here.

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