Here is the latest news from Polaris Export for new products information released for the JR GSR260Z. Continue through to get the info.

Upgrading Parts for JR GSR260Z

GSR260Z Iridium plug (with an aluminum terminal)

Thanks to the slim Center electrode and the tapered outer electrode, this plug can produce excellent ignition and reduce misfire compared to standard plugs.
This will stabilize the motor rotation and improve the starting performance.

Line Break - Medium Red

FN-B326 (for GSR260Z)
FN-B327 (for Calibre)
Funtech Tuned pipe

Powerful and Silent. According to our test results, this funtech muffler can increase the payload up to 12KG!

To order these or any other products from Polaris Export, please contact your local hobby shop or online retailer of K&S Co. Ltd and Funtech products.

Source: Polaris Export

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