Last week we reported on the announcement of the new Phoenix RC 4. Well, we are happy to report version 4.0a Beta is now available for those wishing to update their sim. I personally updated my laptop tonight so I took the opportunity to take some screen shots of the process.

Get the details and notes of version 4.0a Beta and check out the screen shots from my experience updating my sim by clicking through.

Version 4.0.a BETA

We are pleased to announce that the first BETA release of the new 4.0 version is now available from our Downloads page.

Please note that this is a BETA release, and so may contain bugs or issues that will not be in the final version. You must have at least version 3.0.s installed before using this update.

New features, Improvements and fixes:

• New InfinityScape sites:
• Fly forever on an infinite number of randomly generated 3D terrains that you create and control
• Boundary-less terrains let you range as far and wide as you want to

• New camera modes include Cockpit and Chase modes with lookaround functionality
• New resampled sound effects for model engines
• Official support for NVIDIA 3D Vision sterescopic and TrackIR head-tracking hardware

Version 4.0 BETA Update

This update will upgrade your v3.0.s software to the latest 4.0.a BETA version. Please make sure you have at least v3.0.s installed before applying this update.

Click HERE to download version 4.0a Beta. Note: Download time will vary depending on your computer and internet connection speed.

Program Updates
If you have version 3.0 or above installed, please use the Automatic Updates system to install new program updates, new models and new flying sites. This is accessed through your System > Check for updates menu.

If you have an earlier version, first check which version you currently have installed and then download the appropriate update from the options HERE.

Screen shots from my experience updating to Phoenix version 4.0a Beta

Source: Phoenix RC

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