Check this news out from Perfect Regulators. After extensive field testing the HV BEC + got the green light and will be available to the public.

Continue through to get the details of this “Plug and Fly” unit. Thanks to Nick Lenn for sharing.


Price: $90.00
Availability: Pre-Order
Model: prr-hvbec+



After being long awaited, our NEW HV BEC + is just about here and sure to be a hit among the electric crowd.

The HV BEC + is capable of 20v – 60v (6s – 14s) input and with a selectable output voltage of 6v or 8v to meet the most popular needs for most pilots. As an added feature, there is a secondary voltage output of 5v for those who still use a Rudder Servo that requires a lower voltage to operate.

Simply connect the pre-tinned input wires to a connector of your choice, or solder direcly to the input leads on the ESC, mount the unit, connect it, select the output voltage and thats it. No need to mess with with anything else, go out and have fun and fly!!!

Unit comes packaged with 2 x 6″ Male to Male, 22AWG Servo Extension.

It’s truly a “PLUG-N-FLY” setup…

Min. Input Voltage: 20v – (6s Lipo)
Max. Input Voltage: 60v – (14s Lipo)
Primary Output Voltage: 6v / 8v @ 10A/14A
Secondary Output Voltage: 5v @ 1.5A
Length of RX Lead Plugs: 6″ Each
Plug Type: Universal
Length of Input Leads: 8″ 16AWG Silicone (No Connector)
Size: 40mm x 26.6mm x 13.25mm
Weight: 23g

Source: Perfect Regulators via Nick Lenn

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