Some of you close to me may know that I had about six months ago taken a job with A Main Hobbies in Chico, California and that for the last year have been entertaining deals of selling RCHeliResource.Com to several other entities in the industry. It’s now official, RCHeliResource.Com has been sold to RCGroups/Flying Giants for an undisclosed amount. With that I have decided that my role here at RCHeliResource should now be minimized and I will be taking a more advisory role as a consultant rather than the guy behind the camera and the team manager. I guess it can be said that I am joining the ranks of veteran industry personalities who are taking a back seat or just leaving the industry all together…yes I am talking about you Tareq Al Saadi and Lukas Riva. Of course none of this could have been built without my amazing and dedicated management team, Sean Williams, Terry Williams and Everett Balmores, all of which have been given equity share in RCHR for their years of blood sweat and tears building this once novelty site into now the industry’s 2nd ranked worldwide. Also important are the scores of volunteer contributing media staff, authors, photographers, sales people and videographers. They helped build RCHR into what it is today. With that, we are passing on the helm to the capable hands of Mr. Jim Bourke and his talented staff to take RCHR to the next level and continue the legacy of worldwide media coverage of the RCHelicopter Industry/Hobby.

The education I received during my tenure here I wouldn’t trade for anything. Seven years of event photography/videography, editing, marketing, management, website security, SEO, php programming, graphics, motion graphics, sound, producing, and 3D modeling. 40 trips, 239 days, 252,000 air miles, 59 cities and 16 countries. We truly have been blessed with success and its your patronage that has given me these gifts.

My future plans are to bring to A Main Hobbies what I brought to the RC Helicopter industry….my untiring desire to share my interest in the hobby industry with the rest of the world and expand it. Of course I still have other web ventures that I will continue to grow and pass on as well but A Main Hobbies I vow will soon be a dominating force in the hobby world.

All unexpired advertising contracts will continue as agreed under my administration by the new owners but I am sure things will change…and sometimes change is good. We will be sending out a transfer plan in the next few days to all current advertisers with the new owner/management’s intentions.  Please contact for future payment arrangements on your ads.  The current ad system will remain in place and you will be able to update your ads self service as usual.

Thanks everyone for your love and support and I will still see you guys from time to time in my capacity at A Main Hobbies.

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