Here is info added on to the JR Propo site for new parts being released. Continue through to read about the multi bladed rotor head and the 120 degree swash plate for 90 size helis.

Multi blade rotor head MB-391 w/TAGS01

With no flybar, the main rotor provides direct flight control. Two blades is fast, but 3 blades gives even faster control response and better handling characteristics. On an electric helicopter, the feeling of power is incredible.

Even if you run lower rotor RPM, the stability is amazing compared to a two bladed rotor head. Control response remains crisp, and collective control is outstanding.

You will enjoy this multi rotor head not only for F3C flight but also for 3D flight! Combine with the JR TAGS01 FBL control unit, and you will have performance you will not believe!!

*For 90/E12 Series helicopter
*Swash plate included
*Already programmed with optimised parameters TGAS01 ver.2.0

Suitable main rotor : Carbon Main Rotor Blades MB-391
Recommended Servos : FBL-DS01 FBL Swash Servo

Conversion compatibility:
Sylphide E12
Vibe SG E12 FBL
Vibe 90SG FBL
Vibe 90SG

Item: 84045
JAN Code: 4944013 840450

Also available without TAGS01:

Item: 84046
JAN Code: 4944013 840467

Line Break - Medium Red

HG 120°Swash plate Φ12

This swash plate is specifically designed for 120 degree CCPM control systems. The design features simple form and light weight. It is also possible to adjust the bearing clearance to remove play.(already adjusted)

Conversion compatibility:
Vibe 90SG-J
Vibe 90SG FBL
Vibe SG E12 FBL
Sylphide E12
Airskipper E12
Airskipper 90
Airskipper 90BB
Airskipper 90CE
Airskipper 90CF

Item: 61761
JAN Code: 4944013 617618

Source: JR Propo

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