Found these interesting photos of some new JR products in the pipeline.  Check out this post.

New JR Servos

No Specs for the servos are available at this time, except that the fastest is 0.05s/60degree, which is fast, even for a rudder servo. Not figures for torque were posted though.

New JR servos- Two new servos were released. Looking at the servo case, they are probably close to what the new “HV” 8717 are. The DS6305 are 0.08s/60degree with 16kg of torque. The DS6301 are slower at 0.17s, but have 33kg of torque. Impressive. 


JR G750T gyro. Utilizing the same technology as the G770T gyro that changed the world’s opinion of JR gyros, this new gyro has the same metal case, similar footprint and half the height at 10.5mm. While it is not packaged with the 8900g rudder servo, this gyro will work with that too.


The new 90 size rotor head, first seen off the VIBE 90 SG edition. Available for pre-order in Jan’09.


Lastly…the 6-cell super voyager E. The mini electric has come a long way, evolving from the ni-cd generation to 3-cell lipo, then 4-cell and today, 6-cell. The 3-cell lipo and 4cell-lipo set will still be in production.


Photo courtesy of VJ product and JR propo, Japan.

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