JR’s all aluminum case 8.4v high voltage 8711HV and 8717HV servos have been very well received even at the high price point.  Announced in Japan last month is the next installment in the series; 6311HV, 6315HV, 6321HV, and 6325HV high volt servos.

Also completely new from JR, in response to Futaba’s very successful BLS brushless servo line, is the new MP servo line.  These include the MP70, MP80G, and MP80T.  The MP80G is a brushless equivalent to the 8900G brushed gyro tail servo.  Futaba no longer has the monopoly on the brushless tail servo market and with a 0.05sec response time, it will certainly will be a contender.


JR 8.4v High Volt Aluminum Servo Line-up

  • DS6311HV – 36.5kg / 0.13sec/60 / 80g
  • DS6315HV – 17.8kg / 0.06sec/60 / 80g
  • DS6321HV – 36.5kg / 0.13sec/60 / 80g
  • DS6325HV – 17.8kg / 0.06sec/60 / 80g

JR Brushless Servo Line-up

  • MP70 – 9.5kg / 0.15sec/60 / 55g
  • MP80G – 3.5kg / 0.05sec/60 / 64g
  • MP80T – 25.0kg / 0.19sec/60 / 69g
  • MP80T – 12.0kg / 0.09sec/60 / 69g



Right now info is limited and only available on the Japanese sites.  Once we have more info, you will find it right here!

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