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Product Description
The PULSE 500 is an electric helicopter of the popular 500 Class. In the development of the model, new approaches were taken, especially in the propulsion system. Design and production are handled completely in Germany; the PULSE 500 is thus 100% “MADE IN GERMANY”!

Thanks to its CFRP and aluminium structure, the helicopter mechanism offers the best possible precision and long life; and it has a clearly understandable and easy-to-service design. The great production precision, with extremely low tolerances, makes for a very high-quality and solid design. Due to its compactness, the PULSE 500 is also very good for installation in fuselages (such as Ecureuil 2). For this application, we recommend semi-symmetrical rotor blades.

The model is designed for operation with 5-6S/3300-mAh LiPo batteries, enabling it to reach a flight duration of eight to ten minutes, depending on the motor and flight style. The flight characteristics are very balanced, so that the PULSE 500 can be used for any kind of heli flying, from hovering to 3D! Thanks to its great production precision, the PULSE 500 can be flown throughout the entire rpm range without any “stuttering”.

The heli is delivered as a kit in CFRP/aluminium design with main rotor head installed, pre-installed rear rotor drive, and installed upper chassis parts with linkage. The pre-assembled modules ensure perfect running and rapid assembly of the PULSE 500.

Flybarless version
Clockwise rotor system
Swashplate linkage via CCPM 120°
Tail rotor follows in autorotation

Length excl. rotor: 960 mm
All-up weight, approx.: 1705 g
Diameter of main rotor: 1050 mm
Diameter of tail rotor: 204 mm
Transmission main rotor: 12,68
Transmission tail rotor: 4,93
rpm main rotor: 1350 – 2000 U/min

RC functions
Pitch axis
Gyro setting

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