Align has just posted details on the forthcoming T-Rex 700E F3C edition!


1. Utilizing F3C competition helicopter design concepts, encompassing superior straight tracking ability, excellent static stability, resistant to wind gusts, and ultra precise control response.
2. All aluminum high precision head assembly, with newly tuned mixing ratios, to easily execute maneuvers specified in F3C routines.
3. Precision CNC machined module 1 main gear for minimal noise and high energy transfer efficiency.
4. Newly designed one piece stainless steel main gear hub to improve rotational stability.
5. Precision CNC machined aluminum pieces including elevator servo mount, rudder servo mount, rudder control bell crank arm, vertical and horizontal fin mounts.
6. Brand new carbon flybar reinforcement tube design to improve flybar rigidity. Adjustable stainless steel flybar weights, combined with F3C specific carbon flybar paddles, to achieve superior stability characteristics.
7. High quality large pre-painted horizontal and vertical carbon tail fins for improvements in flight tracking stability and excellent visibility.
8. Brand new carbon tail control pushrod assembly utilizing 5mm carbon rods and metal jointers to improve tail control precision.
9. Special F3C landing gear to lower the center of gravity.
10. Newly tuned F3C carbon main blades for superior stability.
11. High quality pre-painted fiberglass canopy, with improved aerodynamic efficiency and increased coverage to reduce wind resistance. The larger size enables improved visibility during flight.
12. Total pitch range of +/- 12 degrees for excellent position fixing precision and flight performance.
13. Innovative sliding battery tray rails embedded into the 3K side frames, allowing for quick battery access as well as battery protection. In addition, the system improves the overall rigidity of side frames, as the same time raising the center of gravity.
14. Top mounted ESC platform to take advantage of main blades airflow for effective cooling.

● Length: 1343mm
● Height: 424mm
● Width: 210mm
● Main Blade Length: 700mm
● Main Rotor Diameter: 1582mm
● Tail Rotor Diameter: 281mm
● Motor Drive Gear:12T
● Main Drive Gear:112T
● Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 104T
● Tail Drive Gear: 24T
● Drive Gear Ratio: 1:9.33:4.33
● Weight(With Motor): 3230g
● Flying Weight: Approx. 5200g
● T-REX 700E F3C Kits Set X1
● Aluminum Tail Boom X1
● 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Boom X1
● F3C 700mm Carbon fiber blades X1
● DS610 Digital servoX3 set
● DS650 Digital servo X1
● GP780 Head Lock Gyro X1
● 700MX Brushless Motor(470KV) X1
● Castle ICE HV 120 Brushless ESC X1
● 6A External BEC w/ 5.1V Two-way Step-down voltage regulator X1
● 105mm 3K Carbon Fiber Tail Blades X1 Set

Radio transmitter and electronic equipment required for assembly:
● Transmitter(7-channel or more, helicopter system)
● Receiver(7-channel or more)
● 6S Li-Po 4500 ~ 5200mAh X2
● Dial Pitch Gauge

MSRP $1529.99, Average Street Price ~$1116.99

Source: Align Taiwan

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