Turbulence 3D, Freya EVO OP II, EVO 50 SWM OP

Hirobo has announced 3 new helicopters in their line-up. One is a totally new model with the other two being new variants. It appears that Hirobo might be jumping into the ECCPM system (or what Hirobo calls SWM) because all of them are only offered in CCPM flavor.

Turbulence 3D

Now everyone can own the model that placed first in XFC 2008 and runner up in 3D masters 2008.  Don’t expect it to be cheap, because its the top of the line 3D heli from Hirobo. A totally new design.  Lovely frame with low mounted boom.  Rotor head designed with 3D in mind, giving a good collective and cyclic pitch range.  Canopy doesn’t seem to look as good as other hirobo helis, or perhaps its just me.

see more info on MRC (Hirobo USA) website ]

View PDF sheet from Hirobo Japan ]

SST-Eagle Freya Evolution OPTION II (SWM)

Wow what a mouthful of name. From what have been released and gathered so far, it will sport THE SAME ROTOR HEAD THAT IS ON THE TURBULENCE 3D(SSZ-IV), SWM conversion (120 degreee), EX 91T main gear (for 8.27:1 ratio) and a few other minor upgrades. No other details, but recommended retail price is suppose to be around that of the older Freya Evo OP.

View PDF Sheet(With photos and some Japanese Descriptions of the features) from Hirobo Japan

Shuttle Sceadu Evolution 50(B) SWM OPTION

Yet another mouthful of name.  From what is shown on the Hirobo Japanese website, the EVO 50 Option has been discontinued and replaced by this.  It will be A LOT CHEAPER than the old EVO 50 Option, but it will come with less bling.  The essential upgrades are all in, so no worries.  I suppose Hirobo is dropping the Mechanical Mix Evo 50 OP because there is no mention of a new version AND the older one has been discontinued as well.  This kit comes with a 89T main gear which changes the gear ratio to 8.9:1.  It might make the load lighter on the engine, but IMHO, that is not quite a good gearing for a 50, especially if you like a high headspeed.  F3C fuse Black Shark III 50 has also been discontinued.  Not sure what is on the drawing block on hirobo.  Top of the range Sceadu EX is still here to stay, so bling lovers need not lose sleep.

PDF from Hirobo Japan

[ photos and PDFs courtesy of Hirobo, Japan ]

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