Debuting in Europe under Robbe, Futaba has released a new 2.4GHz receiver…


A small, ultralight seven channel 2.4GHz RASST receiver for indoor and outdoor flying at ranges of up to about 300m. With serial output, ideal for controlling micro helicopters such as the TRex-250, Mini Titan, etc.

Weighs just 3.9g. A serial output at the receiver requires a special module such as the Mikado Mini-VStabi in the model, which is able to read out the signal chain and carry out the appropriate additional processing

No crystals, no frequency channel selection, and maximum possible security from same channel interference thanks to 2.4GHz FASST technology. High speed frequency hopping for best possible suppression of interference signals.

High Intermediate Frequency(I.F.) of 800MHz, making the receiver extremely resistant to “electrosmog”. Integral EASYLink button for easy binding. Can be used in seven channel mode with any FASST transmitter with six or more channels.


  • Frequency band 2.4–2.4835GHz
  • Frequency channels 36
  • Channel count 7
  • Channel spacing 2048kHz
  • Transmission system FSK
  • Voltage 3.3-8.5Volt
  • Current(mA) 40mA
  • Dimensions 36x21x7.7mm
  • Aerial length 4cm
  • Weight approx. 3.9g

Available in Europe in November 2009. Priced at 67,90 Euros.


Source: Robbe of Germany

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