If you have any of the Co-Pilot systems running firmware version 1.42 or higher, this is an accessory for you to consider getting. Click to get the info on this new product from FMA Direct/Revolectrix.

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Co Pilot II Go LED
Price: $24.95 (Excl. GST)

The CPII Go LED is a great accessory for any CPII system running firmware version 1.42 or higher. Need the latest firmware? Click here to install the FREE CPII Firmware Update Utility. Please note, firmware upgrades also require either the FUIM2 or newer FUIM3 PC USB interface. Simple to install and operate, the CPII Go LED connects in-line between the CPII Avionics computer and either the main or vertical sensor, and provides real-time weather indication at a glance using 3 high intensity SMT LEDs (red, yellow, green). When used with CPII systems including the Vertical Sensor, Go LED mirrors the pre-flight temperature readout usually displayed on the IRNet programmer but using the LED’s to let you know the weather status in real time. When used with CPII systems that do not include the Vertical Sensor, Go LED supports manual weather calibration by pressing and holding the MODE button. Additionally, CPII Go LED includes CPII system error messaging and flashes LEDs in certain sequences to help you trouble-shoot potential CPII issues. Now with CPII Go LED, CPII systems pre-flight checking and full capabilities are easily accessible at a glance without requiring the IRNet programmer or router. Click here for the CPII Go LED manual. The ALL NEW “Co Pilot II PC Display Software” is an adjunct product available as a free download for your Windows PC. It requires the FUIM3 PC USB interface for interconnecting the CPII Avionics computer to your PC. The software may be used as an alternative to the IRNet Programmer and Router allowing access to any programming or pre-flight functions of CPII on your Windows PC. By combining the features of the CPII Go LED, the CPII PC Display Software, and the FUIM3 PC USB interface, Revolectrix is now able to offer lower cost, full-featured Flight Stabilization systems as an alternative to the original IRNet-based systems. Click here to explore the new CPII LT product line.

Co-Pilot II Go LED

Source: FMA Direct/Revolectrix

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