So, you got your DX8 in your hands. The hottest transmitter right now. Well, even the hottest transmitter has bugs and the Spektrum Team posted two firmware updates to address the bugs. Click on to read the info about these two version updates.

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Before you are able to get these updates, please click here for the Spektrum Community page and register with your Serial Number.

Here is the info about version 1.01:

DX8 AirWare
Version 1.1
There are no updates to the user manual with SpektrumTM DX8 AirWareTM Version 1.1. This document describes the changes which are implemented with Version 1.1.
Software Upgrades
• “Throttle Out” timer activation – In the timer screen, Throttle Out has been added to the timer start options. When selected this mode uses the throttle servo output position to activate the timer rather than the throttle stick position. This is ideal for electric helicopter use as the timer can be paused when the output throttle position is at idle even though the stick may not be at low stick (like during an autorotation) plus the timer won’t turn off when doing full negative pitch maneuvers in stunt mode. MIX and GEAR switches have also been added to the list of available timer switches.
• Throttle Reverse Confirmation – In the servo setup screen, when reversing the throttle servo, a confirmation screen is now displayed requiring a second step (confirmation) before servo output is reversed.
• SD Card – improved support for low-capacity cards Bug Corrections
• Throttle Curve Switch (airplane mode only) – the user-selected switch in the Throttle Curve screen in airplane mode only was always assigned to the Flight Mode switch. This function is now corrected.
• Multi-Mixes with a Common Slave Channel – if a user had two or more mixes programmed to the same output channel, only the higher-numbered mix would be active.
• Mix Trim-Include – In some mixes trim include was assigned to the wrong trimmer in certain circumstances.
• Internal Timer – In the timer screen the internal timer for each model was not accurately calculated.
• Trim Steps – When trim step sizes were changed in the Trim Setup screen, values higher than 6 would cause the trim range to decrease.
• Shifting Screen – When selecting NiMH vs. LiPo battery, the bottom half of the screen would shift up or down 1 line.
• Translation Errors – in French, Italian, and Spanish, the “Model Selection” menu option was named “Special Features” and not translated.
• RPM Telemetry – The displayed value for the RPM was unstable when using the brushless motor sensor. Also a phantom RPM was sometimes displayed when dashed
lines should have been displayed (no recent RPM reading). A filter was added to stabilize the RPM readings.
• BNF File Import – properly supports multiple languages now.
• Servo Travel Adjust- When editing Servo Travel Adjust, pressing CLEAR would cause the channel reverse to be defaulted to normal
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Here is the info about version 1.02:

This document describes the changes implemented with Version 1.02 software.
Software Corrections
• Heli Mode Model Memory Issue – In previous software versions, changing the channel in the Gyro or Governor screens from the default setting to any other channel would cause the model memory to default to model #1.
• Heli Mode Limited Trim – Throttle trim didn’t work below 1/2 trim.
• Direct Model Access 10-Second Timer -In some instances, the 10-second time-out function for direct model access was applied to other screens after direct model access was used.
• Improved Flap Switch Selection -In Airplane mode, flap switch selection could be in conflict in the Flap System screen and in the Switch Select screen. In version 1.02, the flap switch is selected in the Flap System screen.
• Center Trim Position Mark – Version 1.02 locates a trim tick-mark next to the trim graph at center trim allowing convenient reference when the trim cursor is near center.

Source: Steel Butcher and Dave H.

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