Compass has further expanded the knight family with the addition of the Knight Factory variant. This “factory edition” is essentially a fully upgraded knight 3D to fulfill the appetite the bling hungry crowd. It comes with full metal rotor head where the rotor grips and mixers arms have been upgraded to metal parts and a full metal tail case with metal grips.

These nice blue blings are not newly developed products, but they were only sold as upgrades.


ATOM 500

There is no physical change to the Atom model itself in this round of change. The difference between the 500 and the 500R is the bundle. The “R” in the 500R model stands for Rookie and not “Race” or “Redeveloped” hot rod like what I had originally thought. The few combos available are…

Atom 500 now available in 3 versions:
1. With carbon frames, carbon blades, 60A ESC, motor and 9T pinion
2. With carbon frames, carbon blades, motor and 9T pinion
3. Carbon frame set only no equipments

Atom 500R now available in 3 versions:
1. With G10 frames, FG blades, 40A ESC, motor, flybar weights and 8T pinion
2. With G10 frames, FG blades, motor, flybar weights and 8T pinion
3. G10 frame set only no equipments

Therefore, it is clear that the CF Atom 500E that was selling all along with the 60A ESC, motor and blades is still the top end bundle. The addition of the G10 set with the lower spec 40A ESC and FG blades will definately make a much more affordable bundle for the aspiring rookies. Barebones kit in both G10 and CF version are now available too.

Go HERE for more info.

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