The new 50-size nitro from Century has just been released…

Century Helicopter Product’s newest RC helicopter model, the Century 50NX, is a new breed of helicopter. Ideal for beginners new to the hobby, the initial flight characteristics are extremely smooth with a sense of “fly’s like it’s on rails” type of feeling. When setup for the expert pilot, the 50NX becomes a monster in the sky performing the most extreme aerobatics. This kit will exceed your expectations for precision control at an affordable price.


  • Aluminum hub molded into composite yoke.
  • Large ball bearings and thrust bearing in each blade grip.
  • 120 degrees electronic push/pull CCPM control system for precision control.
  • 4mm flybar control system.
  • One-piece flybar control yoke.
  • Multiple flybar paddle configurations.
  • Full ball bearing washout unit.
  • Tunable washout guide phasing.
  • Dual bearing all metal swashplate.
  • High efficiency two-stage power system.
  • Composite G10 rigid frame design.
  • One-way top start system.
  • CNC machined metal clutch bell.
  • Sleek Aero-Flo crash resilient canopy design with tinted see-through windshield.
  • Steel hub triple bearing tail rotor blade grip assembly.
  • Stainless steel high efficiency torque tube driven tail.
  • Dual tail boom supports.
  • Rear tail rotor servo mount.
  • Constant driven tail drive system.
  • Tuff low profile landing struts.
  • Large 500cc fuel tank.


  • Length: 47.5″
  • Height: 15.2″
  • Main Blade: 600-620mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter: 53″
  • Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.3″
  • Engine: .46-.50 2-C
  • Bearings: 45
  • Gear Ratio: 8.76 to 1
  • Main Frame and Power System:
  • 2mm stacked G10 frame insures maximum rigidity.
  • Two stage clutch system with a CNC machined clutch bell ensures proper alignment each and every time.
  • Unique one-way starter system eliminates the need for a one-way starter extension.
  • Rigid multi-level electronics trays provide impact resistance to secure electronics.
  • Low profile, heavy duty landing gear.

Main Rotor and Control System:

  • eCCPM-Electronic Collective/Cyclic Pitch Mixing system locked in swashplate control.
  • Machined main rotor hub, molded into a strong reinforced composite yoke for long term durability.
  • One piece flybar control yoke and adjustable flybar weights are included.
  • Fully CNC machined metal swashplate with metal ball joints for durability and smooth operation.
  • Strong 6mm feathering spindle with thrust bearings in each blade grip.
  • A possible 28° pitch range to accomodate any set-up requirement.
  • Can accomodate up to 620mm main rotor blades.
  • Heavy duty ball links are included as standard equipment.
  • Increased rigidity of the main gear offers performance for the most demanding pilot.
  • Metal ball joints on both ends of all control rods to provide minimum wear and maximum precision.
  • CNC machined swashplate has Teflon coated metal ball retainer for smoothness.
  • Oilite bushings in the top and bottom of the washout hub insures maximum durability.
  • CNC machined anti-rotation bracket is included.
  • 4mm blade bolts designed to take the rigors of hard 3D flight.
  • 4mm flybar provides crisp response in flight.

Tail Rotor System:

  • Tail rotor system with 2 radial and one thrust bearing in each blade grip.
  • Rear tail rotor servo mount provides a more direct control rod path to tail rotor bellcrank.
  • CNC machined steel tail rotor hub using locknuts ensures extreme durability.
  • Stainless steel torque-tube drive system with two bearing supports.
  • Multi-point supported tail rotor control rod insures smooth, precise transfer of servo commands.
  • 3D tail fins offer less resistance during flight.
  • Break-away tail boom support standoffs provide protection to main frames during a crash.


  • Large high visibility canopy with exhaust faring and seperate clear windshield provides a clear view of your electronics.
  • Attractive 50NX canopy die cut decal sheet.
  • Smooth surface of canopy insures easy decal application and maximum adhesion.

At an attractive price of $299.99 (CN1063) or $379.95 (CN1063A: with RotorTech 610mm carbon main blades and Silent Power Tri-Flow 50 muffler), this machine looks to be a great revamp of the tried and true Hawk/Raven series of mechanics. It will be available for purchase by next week (4/20/09)!

More info available at Century Heli!

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