For all the owners and fans of Castle Creations products here is great news for you all. Castle has released the latest Software version for their Castle Link program and Firmware version for the Phoenix products. Thanks to Patrick from KDE Direct for the heads up about these updates.

Click through to read the details for these updates.

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Castle Link

Version Number: 3.51.05
Type: Beta
Release Date: 3/30/12
File Size: 12.8MB
Release Notes:
● Fixed bug that caused an error when opening certain data log files
● Fixed incorrect text on Mamba/Sidewinder brake help
● Updated demo mode selections to latest firmware options
● Added Phoenix Firmware V4.01
● Added Sidewinder V2 / Sidewinder SCT / Mamba Max Pro Firmware V1.33

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Phoenix, Phoenix HV, and Phoenix Ice Series

Version Number: 4.01
Type: Beta
Release Date: 3/30/12
Release Notes:
NOTE: It is HIGHLY recommended that all users discontinue use of firmware V4.00 due to a known bug that can cause unusual ESC behavior. Users may either upgrade to V4.01 or downgrade to a previous version.
● Functional Improvement: Increased maximum throttle change rate on Multi-Rotor setting. A throttle change of 50% can now be accomplished in .08s.
● Bug fix: Occasional errors were being recorded in the data log. Fixed
● Bug fix: Unusual motor shutdowns, and other controller anomolies including ESC failure. Fixed

Source: Castle Creations via KDE Direct

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