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Here is the first of three exciting products on the ‘Horizon’ from Blade Helis. This is the new Blade 300X BNF. A complete flybarless BNF package at a reasonable price, just provide your transmitter and go flying. Continue through to get the details and view pics of the new Blade 300X BNF.

Blade 300 X BNF
Retail Price: $499.99
Selling Price:$379.99*
Due Early March, 2012

*Avaliable at participating retailers

Key Features

● The ultimate 300-size, Bind-N-Fly heli experience
● BeastX™ flybarless stabilization integrated into receiver
● Belt-driven tail rotor with weighted tail blade hardware
● Tail grips with thrust bearings
● AR7200BX 7-Channel DSMX Flybarless Control System installed
● E-flite® 320H 4500Kv brushless motor installed
● E-flite® 25A S-BEC brushless ESC installed
● Includes E-flite 3S 1350mAh 30C Li-Po battery
● Includes DC Li-Po charger


The nimble Blade® 300 X BNF packs big 3D performance into a compact 300-size frame that’s small enough to fly in many indoor spaces. At the heart of its amazing performance is the Spektrum™ AR7200BX Flybarless Control System with integrated BeastX technology. The amazing precision and agility this system makes possible perfectly complements the impressive power of the E-flite® 320H, 4500Kv brushless motor and high-output 3S 30C Li-Po battery.

1. Spektrum AR7200BX DSMX Receiver with Integrated BeastX Flybarless Technology
The heart and soul of the Blade® 300 X is the groundbreaking Spektrum™ AR7200BX DSMX® receiver. The AR7200BX integrates a 7-channel receiver with a BeastX 3-axis MEMS stabilization system in one lightweight unit.

2. 245mm Symmetrical Main Blades
These high performance rotor blades let you aggressively push the limit of your 3D abilities with complete confidence and absolute precision.

3. Composite Aluminum/Fiber Reinforced Swash Plate
The combination of aluminum with a lightweight fiber-reinforced material keeps swashplate weight to a minimum without sacrificing strength or precision.

4. Triple Ball Bearing Supported, Hardened Steel Main Shaft
Ball bearings support the main shaft at the top and bottom of the drive gears, as well as the top of the frame.

5. E-flite® DS76 Cyclic Servos and DS76T Tail Servo
The digital DS76-series servos are specially designed to deliver maximum power and precision for extreme 3D heli flight. The DS76T boasts extra speed for instantaneous tail response.

6. E-flite® 320H 4500Kv Brushless Motor
This potent brushless motor will consistently deliver more than enough power for the most demanding 3D maneuvers.

7. E-flite® 3S 11.1V 1350mAh 30C Li-Po Battery
The high-discharge rate of the included battery pack provides the power output you need to explore the farthest reaches of aggressive 3D flight.

8. E-flite® 25A S-BEC Speed Control
This robust speed controller is engineered to handle the high-current flow of most any high-C 3S Li-Po battery.

9. Aluminum Tail Boom
The stiff, aluminum tail boom keeps tail response crisp and precise.

10. Belt-Driven Tail Rotor with Thrust Bearings in the Grips
The smooth, efficient belt drive is complemented by the durability and precision of thrust bearings in the tail blade grips.

11. Weighted Tail Blade Hardware
Specially weighted blade mounting screws boost the speed and precision of the tail’s response and reduce tail servo load during hard 3D maneuvers.

1. Blade 300 X Bind-N-Fly
The Blade 300 X comes in a convenient Bind-N-Fly version you can have flying in the time it takes to charge the battery. All you need is a 6+ channel DSM2™/DSMX® computer transmitter with helicopter programming (sold separately).

2. E-flite® DC Li-Po balance charger
This handy Li-Po charger rechargers your batteries quickly and safely using any 12V DC power source. An AC adapter is available separately (EFLC4030).

3. E-flite® 3S 11.1V 1350mAh 30C Li-Po Battery
The high-C Li-Po battery that is included provides more than enough power for high-energy, aggressive 3D flight.

Any of these DSM2/DSMX transmitters will have the programming features you need to fly the Blade 300 X:
DX6i, DX7s, DX8, JR X9503, JR 11X, JR 12X

Product Specifications

● Type: 300-class electric flybarless collective pitch helicopter
● Main Rotor Diameter: 21.7 in (550mm)
● Tail Rotor Diameter: 5.5 in (140mm)
● Gross Weight: 17.3 oz (491 g)
● Length: 20.1 in (510mm)
● Main Gear Ratio: 14:1
● Control System: 120 degree CCPM
● Rotor Blade Length: 245mm
● Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years
● Experience Level: Advanced
● Recommended Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
● Is Assembly Required: No

Source: Blade Helis

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