Align is still at it with updates to the 700E. Our friends at RCMania have some great detail photos of the updated 700E v2 3GX kit. Click for photos and more information.


From what we can see and translate it looks like the 700E V2 3GX sports a new flybarless head design that clamps to the main shaft, a new removable cnc aluminum battery tray that allows for battery insertion from the rear of the heli, a CNC MOD1 112T helical main gear, an updated tail box and tail pushrod for higher precision control and last but not least the 3GX flybarless system which improves performance and stability while adding features and shrinking the size in comparison to the older 3G unit. Another interesting feature is the ESC tray behind the swashplate which enhances cooling of the ESC. It also appears that Align has added CF reinforced servo linkages between the servo and bell cranks to stiffen response and add strength to the control system. See the pics for detailed shots of the updates.

Source: RCMania

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