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Heli Wholesaler

Assurance RC Distributor

Metal Bottom Plate H70117

●Use for T-REX 700E.

●700E Metal Bottom Plate × 1(257.5x65x7.5mm)
●Socket button head screw × 12(xM3x6mm)
●Socket screw × 4(M3x10mm)

Line Break - Medium Yellow

700DFC Linkage Ball Assembly H70121

●Use for 700DFC.

●Φ5 Long linkage ball(M3x4) × 1(Φ5x29mm)
●Φ5Linkage ball C(M2.5×4) × 2(Φ5x12mm)
●Linkage ball B(M3x4) × 2(Φ5x12mm)
●Linkage ball C(M3x3.5) × 2(Φ5×8.5mm)
●Linkage ball C(M2x4) × 3(Φ5x9mm)

Line Break - Medium Yellow

700E Painted Canopy HC7642

●Use for T-REX 700E.

●GF painted canopy x 1
●Canopy nut x 4(Φ2.7xΦ7xΦ11×2.5mm)
●Canopy protector x 4
●R4 pin x 4

Source: Align Taiwan webstore

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