Changes Firmware 3.0.12

● Graupner SRXL Support
● Receiver-Channel initialization improved
● in Normal-Rate mode improved

BEASTX Development Team

Microbeast Webupdate

Current firmware version available: 3.0.12

You can request an update file for your device here:

The update file will be created for your device and E-Mailed to the address given.

To obtain your device’s serial number you can:
1. check the sticker on your device’s box
The serial number is located under the barcode on the foresite of the box. It starts with “Serial Nr.”. Fill the subsequent 24 charachters (0-9, A-F) into the Webform.

2. use the BEASTXUpdater PC-Application
You can easily obtain your device’s serial number using the BEASTXUpdater PC-Application. Connect and power your device and select the appropiate USB-Interface. Your device’s serial number is shown in the “BEASTX Device” box.
You can copy’n’paste it from there by double-clicking on it.

It can take up to 5 minutes until you receive your update file.
Please make sure to check your spam-filter before contacting BEASTX Support.

BEASTX Development Team

Source: BeastX and freakware

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