Logo 600 on Ultra power !!

Here’s a great video of Fast Lad Performance team pilot Mattie Lodge flying his Mikado 600 3D

In this flight Mattie is flying the Brand new Opti-Power ’50c Ultra’ batteries and as you’ll see they certainly can pack a good punch !!

Mikado Logo – Mattie Lodge

YouTube Preview Image

Mattie says:- ‘I’ve been flying the 50c Ultras for a while now. They deliver an awesome amount of power and sustain the head speed through out the flight with ease. I’m up to 45 cycles on the cells now and it seems the packs just get better and better :) I really do recommend them’

His full setup is:-

Mikado Logo 600 3D

Opti-Power 3500mAh 6s 50C Ultras

EDGE 603 Blades

Kontronik ESC an Motor (Pyro 700-45)

MKS Servo’s BLS950 and BLS980

Source: Mattie Lodge

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