KDE Goodness-Trex 700 style :)
Matt Long

The Align range of helicopters to this day still remain one of the top machines of choice for pilots around the globe from 1st place competition winners to your general club flyer, pound for pound they are hard to beat (remember we’re talking value for money here). However with the Trex’s being priced substantially lower than top end machines their is some room for improvements – up step KDE Direct……

Here I’ll be taking a look at some of the upgrades available on the market today from KDE and fitting them to my old faithful Trex 700 Nitro, whilst I’ll be showing you some photo’s of the parts I’ll also give a brief description and explaining what purpose it serve’s over the original stock item.

First up the new one way bearing housing AT700-OWBM, this housing is designed to reduce the risk of the one way slipping by being machined as one single unit rather than a pressed in sleeve as the original has, also being made from stainless steel significantly reduces the chance of stripping the threads when changing a main gear due to a crash.

Great finish

Next up is my personal favourite upgrade out of them all…the thrusted metal main shaft bearing blocks AT700N-MBB-V2. I know personally my main shaft bearings don’t last very long at all, I’ve had bearings last as little as a hand full of hard flights before they start to feel ‘notchy’ so this is without doubt a worth while upgrade, utilizing the same principle as your main blade grips KDE have incorporated thrust bearings into the blocks to massively help out with axial loads during hard pitch pumps etc, mine are the latest V2 versions with small button head screws to support the bearings in place making life very easy during installation

Beefy bearings and thrust bearings included

A noticeable difference in quality next to the standard part

Installed on the machine – they do look awesome

Next up is the Skid/undercarriage vibration management system AT700N-FMVMS. Great idea as I have and have also witnessed other pilots strip the threads on the stock frame spacer when tightening the undercarriage screws, this KDE equivalent uses separate M3 nylock nuts which are easily replaceable if you over tighten, also being nylock nuts theirs no risk of the bolts working loose due to vibration

Great finish and fitment.

Next we have two separate parts rolled into one – the tail boom supports KDE700-PBSA and the boom support mounting adapters AT700-TBMA .

No more tail vibration issue’s due to the stock boom support ends loosening on the carbon rod, not only do KDE use extremely high strength epoxy but also pin the mount to the carbon rod eliminating chance of any movement. I’ve also fitted the mounting adapters which swaps out the standard M4 bolt for a nylock nut so no chance of it working loose during flight and sending the M4 bolt or even the boom support into the blades.

Nylock nut instead of stock M4 bolt…

Last up I fitted new design tail control AT700-PTC-PTU-V2. Another top piece of kit with no slop and silky smooth operation.

Everything included, even new bearings which means no messing around trying to uninstall the bearings from the original part…

Installed on the heli with ease, quite normal for a KDE product…

Finished and looking fresh :)

The one and only thing I’d have liked would have been installation diagrams to be included with each part but that’s not too much of an issue as all detailed diagrams are available on the KDE website – www.kdedirect.com

The overall finish / quality of the KDE parts are obviously superb with great tolerances and zero problems with installation, and at the same time ironing out issue’s that the original kit could suffer with, that’s what I like about KDE, they don’t only release an upgrade to make a heli look good, they actually put a lot of thought into how they can actually improve the machine mechanically, these new parts have definitely pushed the Trex up their towards the top end machines :)

Good stuff KDE, big thumbs up from me.

All KDE parts are available from www.fast-lad.co.uk

Parts used in this review available at Fast Lad Performance

KDE Trex 700 one way bearing support

KDE Trex 700 Thrusted Bearings

KDE Trex 700 U/C Skid Vibration System

KDE Trex 700 Tail boom Supports

KDE Trex 700 Tail boom support adapters

KDE Trex 700 Tail control system

Source: Fast Lad Performance Flight Team

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