News, news, news. Thanks to the ReadyHeli Team and Ben Varley of Kontronik for sharing the latest from Kontronik. Among the latest news is a new Koby Firmware version is available, Kontronik modules soon to be available, and new motors to the Pyro 850 series. Click on to read about the firmware update, info regarding the new modules and motor.

Firmware version 1.8 is available for the KOBY.

Be sure to update your KOBY to firmware version 1.8, especially if running an Align or Scorpion motor.

Due to design similarities of the Scorpion and Align magnet geometry, the KOBY may be damaged when using firmware other than version 1.8. KOSMIK

Updates can be performed by sending in your KOBY to ReadyHeli or via PROGDISC.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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Communicator App Bluetooth Modul

The KONTRONIK Communicator App will allow you to wirelessly program your KOSMIK via your phone or tablet. In addition to programming, the Communicator App will allow you view live stream data from your KOSMIK as long as you remain in Bluetooth range.

The Bluetooth module is available, and must be used if you wish to create a wireless connection with the KOSMIK.

KONTRONIK now offers a KOSMIK Bluetooth Module. This allows the KOSMIK to communicate with your smart phone or tablet computer.

This app will be available as a free download in the App Stores.

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Coming Soon from KONTRONIK- SCG Modul – Single Cell Governor

KONTRONIK is excited to introduce their first ESC-sensor combination in the industry to actively monitor individual battery cell health during flight.

The Single Cell Governor sensor connects to a sensor port on the KOSMIK and provides the user the benefit of intelligent battery monitoring through the balance leads. If the SCG module detects problems within a cell, it will disconnect or slow down the power from the motor, allowing you to land safely.

In addition to the added safety of intelligent battery monitoring, the Single Cell Governor also provides logging data of each cell’s voltage during use.

Look for this product at soon.

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PYRO 850 family grows

For big 800 size helicopters (e.g. LOGO 800 XXTREME) PYRO 850-40L (#276101) and PYRO 850-50L (#276081) are available now. Suggested retail price 549,99€.

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