Firmware-Update HeliCommand X-series V.114 and PC-software V4.2 available

Announcing the availability of firmware V.114 for use with all HeliCommand X-Series’ systems.
A new PC-software V4.2 can also be downloaded in our download section.

By using the PC-software versions V4.0 or V4.1 the firmware update has to be downloaded manually. (As a result of a higher data volume in the firmware V.114 the automatic update process is inoperable).
Please download the firmware manually in our download section, or when following this link.

Alternatively you can download the software version V4.2 when following this link.
In that case the automatic update check and process operates without restrictions.
All other functions are identical to the version 4.1.

Thank you for your understanding

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When using the PC-software V4.0 or V4.1 an automatic update process it not possible!
A new PC-software V4.2 can also be downloaded in our download section, or when following ths link.

DSMX for Spektrum satellites:
DSMX protocol available, thus 8th channel available, e.g. at Output2 of the HC. Binding possible in both modes possible, DSM2 or DSMX (supported by PC software from V4.2 on)

Higher head gyro gains tunable:
Hunting on aileron axis automatically highly suppressed by internal „aileron filter“ and additional improvements.

Horizon mode (HC3-SX):
Attention: With the HC3-SX, the operating modes and signal assignment for the horizon modes has significantly changed with V.114! It is mandatory to check with new instruction, as the existing programming may cause unexpected functionality. E.g. Acro-with-pitch could be activated, although only Acro mode was desired. For details, as well as for the new additional rescue feature, please see manual V5.0 as well as the Hor-channel bar in the Diagnose tab of the PC software V4.2.

Additonal Horizon Features:
Automatic coll.pitch action (Rescue mode) is also available in combination with option [“goes to pos”].
In both (old and new) rescue features, the autiomatic coll. pitch action is activated by sending a negative signal on the Hor. channel (see manual V5.0 or higher for details). This way, both alternatives (with or without automatic coll.pitch) can bechosenvia the radio. The button [Acro-with-pitch] now un-necessary and removed.

New LED colors during Hor.-mode is assigned:

– Green, if Hor.-mode ON (without coll. pitch action)
– Green flickering, if Hor.-mode ON witch automatic coll. pitch action (Rescue mode)

Horizontal mode (self-levelling; rescue): further increased precision

Speed of self-levelling on elevator axis slightly increased to match the aileron axis

Now includes the Parameters of [Horizon] Tab and Tail Expo

Additional parameter „virtual swashplate rotation“ available.

More details:
– Head gyro channel working in pos. and neg. signal range (Head gyro gain as well as Horizon mode)

– Throttle output using serial receiver connection: spike at power-on eliminated
– Optimized some factory default settings
– RealTime-Tuning debug: wrong live value was displayed in PC for Rigid-agility (in some cases)
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HeliCommand PC-Software for X-series V4.2
HC3-SX / HC3-Xtreme / HC3-Xbase

Here you can download the latest version V4.2 of the configuration software for the HeliCommand X-Series.

This software features, besides many adjustment possibilities, a setup assistant, which guides you through the setup steps of HC3-SX, HC3-Xtreme and HC3-Xbase.

Supported by Win98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

This program requires the .NET Framework 2.0 on your computer.
If not yet installed, this will be done automatically during the installation process.

Thank you for your understanding

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