JR X9303Surfacing just as IRCHA 2008 was wrapping up, an issue was discovered with the aileron wiring on the JR X9303 transmitter. Apparently, the wiring for the aileron gimbal is routed in such a way that it rubs on a chip on the 2.4GHz frequency module. After a short time, the insulation on the wires is worn through, exposing the wire inside. If left unchecked, the wires themselves can short, or be worn completely through, leading to a loss of aileron control and a crash. The good news is that this issue is easily fixed.

JR has issued a support statement as well as do it yourself instructions for re-routing the wiring to fix the problem on your X9303. The issue is reported to only affect the 2.4GHz version of the 9303 series of JR transmitters as the module rubbing the wires is the 2.4GHz module. The 72 MHz models of the 9303 do not have this chip. Don’t wait! If you have an X9303, check this issue out ASAP! 

X9303 2.4GHz Gimbal Wire Bulletin

Posted:  Tuesday, August 19, 2008
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X9303 2.4GHz Service Bulletin

X9303 2.4 Service Bulletin

The JR Service Center has discovered that many of the X9303 2.4 transmitters have an issue in that the wires attached to the aileron potentiometer can come into contact with the voltage regulator that is mounted in the back of the transmitter. With repeated use it is possible that the insulation can wear through exposing the wire at the point that it contacts the regulator. It is recommended that the aileron potentiometer wires be rerouted per the following instructions and photographs. This notice does not affect XP9303 72 MHz transmitters.

Step 1. Remove the back of the transmitter case by removing the six Phillips head screws. This is illustrated on page G-14 of the X9303 2.4 manual if further instructions are needed.

Step 2. Inspect the aileron potentiometer wires for any damage.  If the insulation is worn and strands are broken or damaged return your system for service to the Horizon Service Center.

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Step 3. Using a small Phillips screwdriver loosen the wire retainer that fastens the aileron potentiometer wires to the aileron gimbal frame.

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Step 4.Rotate the wire retainer and route the aileron wires around the mounting post and position the wires as shown.

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Step 5. Place a very small amount of shoe goo adhesive on the wires to cover any worn wire insulation. Do not substitute any other adhesive type. If the wire damage is severe (worn through insulation, frayed wire, cut strands) please return the system for service.

Step 6. Reinstall the back of the transmitter case.

If you have any further questions or problems, please contact Horizon Product Support at 877-504-0233. Thank you!

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