Phillip Artweger

We have flown the Rapid Blades for the past few month and they have throughly impressed us with their outstanding flying qualities. Crisp and precises cyclic, amazing “pop”, hard stops, high speed, low rpm they take everthing you throw at them in stride.
The Owner of MS told us that while they have the same planform as their predecessors the MS Composit Champion line, they have completely redesigned structure and aerodynamic profile. We have flown 710 and 690 Blades on Goblin 700 and 630mm and 660 Widechord blades on the Goblin 630, 630mm on Synergy N5 and Fusion 50 as well as 550mm on the Snyergy E5 and have been absolutely satisfied with the blades.
On top of their flying characteristics they also look very good with gloss carbon finish and the yellow R on the tips which gives the blades excellent visibility.
They are also very nicely priced, which pilots that need a set every now and then (like me) can appreciate!

Click HERE to place your order for your preferred size in the Rapid series.

Blade size ranges from 325mm to 730mm, for flybarred and FBL helis.

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