Regarding the dedicated double-sided adhesive tape for SAGS01

Normally, 1 pce of double-sided tape is used to install SGS01 on the helicopter, but it may better to use 2pcs of them, stack one on the other, depend on the fuselage.

Try 1 pce of the tape first, and if you feel uncomfortable, then try 2 pcs.

Please keep in mind that never reuse the removed adhesive tape.
Apparently there is no vibration on the fuselage, but be careful that it may possibly be affected by the very small vibration. Most important thing is to try to minimize the vibration of your helicopter.

Double-Sided Tape for Gyro (SGS01)

For SGS01
Item: 05284
JAN Code: 4944013 052846

Source: JR Propo

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