KDE Direct Synergy E7 Upgrade Series – 700XF-495 Brushless Motor INSANE 3D

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Introduction to the KDE Direct Synergy E6/E7 Upgrade Series, with an absolutely INSANE 3D flight segment by Team Pilot: Timothy Schelhaas (aka Angry Timmy). The E7 is pushed by the KDE700XF-495 HP Brushless Motor at extreme-levels to show off the incredible performance capability of the motor and the E7 torque-tube design for a quick 2 minute segment to see what could happen. This is purely a demonstration of craziness…

Governed Headspeed: 2500 rpm
Collective Pitch Range: +/- 15 degrees
ESC: Castle Creations ICE2 HV160
Brushless Motor: KDE Direct 700XF-495 HP, 495Kv
LiPo: SpyderBatteries Black Widow 6S-5300mAh 30C, 12S1P Series
Gearing: 15T Pinion, 116T Main Drive Gear
Main Blades: EDGE 693SE Flybarless
Flybarless System: Futaba CGY750

Make sure and check out the upgrades available at: http://www.kdedirect.com/E6E7SynergySeriesProducts.html

Brushless Motors available at: http://www.kdedirect.com/BrushlessMotors.html.

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