SK-720 Flybarless System : Software Updates
Here you can Download the most up to date installer package, posted Aug 11 2012, which includes:

Rev 3.12 Setup Software Package
Rev 3.11 Playback Utility
Rev 1.11 Data Viewer Utility
Rev 3.11 SK-720 Manual
Rev 1.00 SK-540 Manual
(All Software, Firmware & Documents Copyright by Skookum Robotics Ltd, 2012)

Changes include:
Setup Software Rev 3.12:
* The re-level accel function is more reliable and gives a confirmation message
* Minor tweaks
SK720 firmware Rev 3.12:
* Fixed a bug where it would sometimes reset if logging was turned on.
SK540 Firmware Rev 3.12:
* Fixed a problem with tail drift some users were having.
For both the SK720 and SK540, Rev 3.12:
* Slight re-scaling of the aux output channels for PPM (Robbe single-wire rx’s)
* An DMSS mode is added for the XG7. Sadly the XG11 still isn’t working (JR implemented each of their DMSS radios differently). We’re hoping to get it in for the next update.
* Tweaks to the governor

SK-LCD Firmware, Rev 3.12:
* Added DMSS XG7 mode to receiver list
* Fixed a bug where self-level would not allow more than 100% gain
* Fixed a bug where going to the “Actual gains” page would reset the unit.
Coming Soon: An update to support the SK-GPS unit, misc other upgrades, and 3D performance improvements. We’re now oversupplied with a large number pretty paperweights, so our motivation to get this one finished is high!

Source: Skookum Robotics

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