Our friends to the North on the Calgary RC Heli Club dicussion board had posted this mod for the Align 3G Sensor. This mod is a variation to one posted by Align Team Pilot Leon Luke on another forum. Click to get the info and decide for yourself if this mod is necessary or not for you.

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Align 3G Sensor Mod
by Helioop on Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:06 pm

There has been quit a buzz surrounding a simple mod that can be done to Align’s 3G sensor that seems to solve all of the problems associated with the system. Leon Luke, an Align Team pilot released this news on HeliFreak at:

Following is my version of Leon’s mod, complete with pictures. The problem appears to be that the sensors are free to vibrate at high frequencies, causing “nervous” behavior. By damping the sensors, the system can behave as designed. Leon suggested using a blob of silicon that touches all three sensors. I used Zeal tape. It’s clean simple and designed to be the perfect density to absorb vibration.

Remove the four screws to open the gyro case and remove the cover. Remove the two tabs on the inside of the top cover. They are there to do a bad job of supporting the sensors and will no longer be needed.
1 Align 3G Sensor Mod
One of my sensors had the connector epoxied from the factory. They are both V2 serial numbers, but the newer one came epoxied as shown. In prior posts, I’ve commented on how much better the newer 3G flew than the older one. Yes they were on different helis, but this epoxy is an interesting coincidence. I’m pretty sure it was intended to better secure the connector, but it also adds density and stability to the tail sensor. If your unit does not have the connector epoxied, epoxy now:
2 Align 3G Sensor Mod
Now snug a square of Zeal tape in tight so that it sticks securely to all three sensors. Alternatively, put a big blob of silicon in the same position. Use electronics-grade silicon as many silicons are corrosive. Some have used Shoe Goo, but it’s corrosive and cures a bit too hard. Note that I left the backing on the top side of the Zeal tape to facilitate removing the cover without removing the Zeal Tape from the sensors (although I can’t see why I’d ever go back in here in the future).
3 Align 3G Sensor Mod
4 Align 3G Sensor Mod
5 Align 3G Sensor Mod
Now replace the cover. Note how high the cover is sitting in the first picture before the screws are tightened. This shows how much the Zeal Tape will be compressed when the cover is tightened down, squishing the Zeal Tape causing it to bulge into even better contact with the sensors.
6 Align 3G Sensor Mod
7 Align 3G Sensor Mod
Now start increasing your gains and be in awe of how well Align’s 3G system works now that it works as it was programmed to work. This is good news, cause the 3G system is relatively cheap and simple to use.

Jay – MAAC #: 81341
T-Rex: 700e, 500 ESP, 450 Pro, 250 SE 3G, 250 SE Quark
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Re: Align 3G Sensor Mod
by Helioop on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:15 am


People are starting to report that they are opening their new 3G sensors to do the mod and finding that Align has already done the silicon mod. Nice to see that Align has both approved of and adopted this mod.

Jay – MAAC #: 81341
T-Rex: 700e, 500 ESP, 450 Pro, 250 SE 3G, 250 SE Quark
E-Flight: Blade Pro brushless, mSR, mCX

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