Shown at IRCHA this year, and widely anticipated for the past several months, is the new Mikado Logo 500 SE (Special Edition).  The Logo 500 SE is a little larger then the previous Logo 500 which allows it to run 600mm main blades on 6S lipo power for some insane 3D action!  The Logo 500 SE comes with a V-Bar head only, and with or without the V-Bar electronics.

In the US the new Logo 500 SE w/ V-Bar head is in stock and ready to ship at Ready Heli, click HERE to order yours today!

In the UK and Europe the new Logo 500 SE w/ V-Bar head is in stock and ready to ship at Fast Lad Performance, click HERE to order yours today!


The LOGO 500 3D will perform excellent with a 5S pack. If equipped with a 6S pack however, you will go to a completely new dimension of heli flying. The kit includes several extras for 3D flying, such as all levers fully ball-raced, aluminum swashplate, and light 3D paddles.

Super-light, extremely rigid mainframe:
The mainframe consists of a right and a left frame made from glass fiber-reinforced polymer. A number of components which are usually separate parts are fully integrated into this frame, and do not have to be bought separately, for example bearing case, battery tray and servo mounting plate. There is ample space for any brand of available battery. The mainframe offers enough room for motors of up to 56 mm in diameter.

Herringbone main gear:
Experience of previous years shows that conventional gear trains have reached their limit with regard to performance. The increasing power made available by latest Lipoly batteries calls for new concepts. We are proud to present this new gear technology, which includes herringbone gears. This type of gear has never before been used in a model helicopter.

215 teeth (mod. 0.5) for LOGO 500

Its main advantages are:
– Considerably more transmission efficiency
– Very smooth running
– Extremely low noise level

– Constant tail drive
– Fully ball-raced
– Hollow 10 mm main rotor shaft
– 8 mm spindle shaft
– Carbon tail boom support
– Thrust-bearing set for tail rotor with steel hub
– 3D vertical and horizontal fins
– Aluminum swashplate
– Light 3D paddles
– Standard-size and midi-size servos can be used
– CG can be determined exactly by adjusting battery position

Rotor diameter: 1150 to 1190 mm
Rotor blades: 500mm/520 mm
Gear ratio main rotor: 8.7 to 12.8; Mod. 0.5
Weight: 2.2 kg and up
Battery: 5S to 6S Lipo cells

Here is a video of Team Mikado pilot Marius Müller flying the new Mikado Logo 500 SE.

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