The Align T-Rex 700 uses a pair of clutch bell mounted magnets for the governor sensor instead of the usual fan mounted magnets.  It will be fine if you are running the Align governor included in the box, but if are like me, you opted for another governor, you will need a bit of work to fit the governor sensor in.  This mod will work for governors like, Throttle Jockey Series, ATG, GV-1 and a whole bunch of others.

All you need is:

  • 1x 30/50size sensor mount (do take note that some 50 sizers are actually using the 90 size sensor mount, we need a real 30/50 one.)
  • 1x Small saw
  • 1x sensor
  • Some shrink wraps and cable tie.
  • Some C.A, i.e superglue

1. Prepare/Cut the bracket to size.

Cut the 30/50 governor sensor mount as shown above. The black one on top is a un-cut standard 30/50 mount. The one under it, is what you should end up with after cutting. It should be around the region of 26mm, give or take an mm or two. It is suppose to be a little shorter than the one on the G-600 because on the Align governor, the sensor goes THROUGH the mount, whereas on our generic mounts, the sensor goes ON the mount which increases the length of the final assembly.

It doesn’t have to be an exact, on the dot kind of cut because there is a little bit of room for adjustment when the sensor is mounted on the main frame.

2. Attaching the sensor to the bracket.

Bend the sensor gently to form a 90 degrees arc.  I am not very sure if all sensors are directional, but on mine, only the side with the wordings work for my magnet.  So check yours before bending as you will want the side of the sensor that works to face the magnet.

Attach the sensor to the bracket and shrink wrap the sensor to the bracket as shown in the photo above. 

C.A. the sensor tip to the bracket as in the photo.  Thick C.A. tends to work better here.  The key here is to apply in thin layers. Its going to take a while to dry and solidify, but don’t blow at it coz you only end up making the the C.A. run. Do test fit your bracket/sensor on the main frame before applying the C.A., just in case its too long.

Cable tie the wire at the shrink wrapped area.  Cable tie on none-shrink wrap area might cut through the wires.  I had forgot about the cable ties on mine, but it seems to be working well so far.

3. Mounting the bracket onto the main frame.


I highly/strongly/definately recommend that the sensor assembly be mounted before putting the frame halves together.  Spacer was required on mine to space the sensor away from the main frame to that it is hanging directly above the magnet on the clutch bell. The photo is a bit dark and blur, but for those who are wondering, the spacer goes between the bracket and the included governor mount (pg10 of manual). You will need to source for self tapping screws to mount the sensor assembly. Adjust the height of the sensor by “dry fitting” the clutch bell assembly on the frame.

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