Check this out from our good friend Mitch Pricer. Mitch and his dad share this mod using a Multigov Pro Sensor on Mitch’s Whiplash Nitro bird. Continue through to read the steps outlined by Mitch and view some pics of the mod.

Thanks Mitch for sharing with us all.

Whiplash Nitro main gear governor sensor mod!

My dad and I figured out how to Install the governor to run off the main gear of the whiplash instead of making a mount to run it off of the engine fan. We used an Align governor sensor and magnets, so nothing fancy.

We first drilled the holes in the main gear as close to the teeth as possible without getting to close and weakening the gear! We drilled the hole slightly larger than the magnets and only deep enough to allow the magnets to sit flush with the top of the main gear.

After the magnets were installed in the main gear we installed the gear into the helicopter to line up where the sensor needed to be located. We drilled a 4mm hole in the frame where it looked like the sensor would line up best. To mount the sensor we used a 2mm bolt…which allows the sensor to be moved around a little for fine adjustments to get the sensor and magnets lined up perfectly!

After making this mod you will need to set the gear ratio in your governor to 1:1. From what I have found in the past, running the governor off of the main gear in this way makes it far more accurate and easier to set up. Let me know if you have a Whiplash and have any more questions regarding this modification. :)

Source: Mitch Pricer

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