Are you ready to get smarter today? Are you ready to get your mind blown away? Well, Destin and Carl are set to do just that.

Here is breaking new vid shared by Carl Groover on his Facebook page, the latest installment episode for the Smarter Every Day video series is up for viewing now. Announcing Helicopter Physics – Upside Down Flying hosted by Destin and starring CJYE Team Pilot Carl Groover. Great job guys.

Click through to watch this helpful vid by Destin and Carl.

Helicopter Physics – Upside Down Flying – Smarter Every Day 47

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I would appreciate it if you share this by clicking here: . There’s more to Chopper Physics than you think. I will be releasing the videos at the end of the video over the next few weeks.

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MUSIC “It’s probably going to be OK” created by “A Shell In The Pit” Download it here:

The wizard pilot is Carl Groover
Carl Flies for the Curtis Youngblood team
Carl’s Youtube channel is here:

Sarah Xu created the awesome time-lapse intro.

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Get Smarter Section

Want to learn more and get lost on Wikipedia?
The Rolling Shutter Effect
Similitude (How Engineers determine the dimensions of wind tunnel models)

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Just for fun: Where I get T-Shirts when I go to Destin

Source: destinws2 via Carl Groover

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