Tareq testing the Outrage Velocity 90 TAREQ EDITION with the YS 91 SR TAREQ

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new Velocity 90 (( TAREQ EDITION )) .. new head ,, new fly bar cage ,, new mixing arm ,, new swash plate ,, new main frame ,, new battery mount ,, new complete tail unit ,, new boom CNC mount ,, new CNC derline gears ,, new fuel tank ..
… about the engine : YS 91 SR TAREQ .. this engine has a lot of power and longer flight time ,, also it has a very high torqe ,, it has diffrent connect road ,, also new crabrburetors to make the engine works very smoothly and very accurate fuel consumption .. to make the Tareq Editon helicopter it tooks almost 2 years with testing and devloping until this heli become ready ,, it has a high quality parts and very new ideas of nitro helis design ..
and about YS SR TAREQ it took almost 1 year onley to make sure that this engine can works with many diffrent weathers ,, also it has been tested with a very hot weather (( 50c )) degrees and the performance was amazing ..
the setup for the heli :
Outrage servos
multi-gov pro
SAB 690 blades
Spatan Quark gyro
throttle servo : mini servo with Lynx servo mount
swe paddles
AR7000 reciver direct voltage
Tareq Alsaadi

Source: Tareq Alsaadi

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