Hi all you owners and fans of the Spektrum AR7200BX. Available now is the updated firmware for your AR7200BX unit via a dedicated website. Continue through to get the details for updating to the latest firmware and some exclusive info/notes we obtained to run your update.

AR7200BX Software Update How-To

Downloading and Installing the Spektrum™/BeastX™ Software Bundle

1. Visit the BeastX website to download the Spektrum Software Bundle, by clicking HERE.
For Windows®:
For Mac®:
**Note: Yes, the bundle for Mac was just made available today, as of this article**

1. Save the Spektrum Software Bundle to your computer’s hard drive.
2. Double-click on the installer and follow the instructions.

Connecting the AR7200BX to Your Computer

1. Power OFF the AR7200BX.
2. Connect the Spektrum™ USB Interface (SPMA3030) **Note: SPMA3030 is not yet available from Spektrum, the interface is due to be released on or about September 7th** or BeastX USB2SYS (BTXA76007) **Note: Available now from your BeastX dealer** to your computer.
3. Connect the servo extension to the USB interface and the BND/DAT slot on the AR7200BX.
4. Power ON the AR7200BX.

Retrieving the AR7200BX Firmware
1. Open the BeastX Updater.
2. Select the appropriate USB-Interface.
3. Highlight and Copy your AR7200BX Serial Number.
4. Visit the AR7200BX product page at http://ar7200bx.beastx.com/.
5. Enter your email address and paste your AR7200BX Serial Number and click Submit.
6. You will receive an email with the latest AR7200BX software.
7. Save the firmware file on your computer’s hard drive.

Updating the AR7200BX Firmware
1. Open the BeastX Updater.
2. Connect and Power ON the AR7200BX.
3. Click “Open File…” and select the new firmware file. IMPORTANT: DO NOT disconnect the USB interface or power off the AR7200BX during the update process.
4. Click “Start Update…” to install the firmware on the AR7200BX.
5. When the update processes is complete, power OFF the AR7200BX and disconnect the USB interface.

Using AR7200BX Microsettings application
1. Using the AR7200BX Microsettings requires version 3.1.0 or higher.
2. Refer to the updating instructions detailed above to update your AR7200BX to version 3.1.0.
3. Launch the AR7200BX Microsettings application.
4. Connect your AR7200BX to the USB interface.
5. Click “Connect” to modify the desired Setup Menu or Parameter Menu Settings.
6. Please refer to your Spektrum AR7200BX instruction manual for detailed programming.
7. Additional Microsettings features and instructions can be found at www.beastx.com.
Release notes: 3.1.0 adds the capability for the AR7200BX to use the AR7200BX Microsettings PC/MAC application. There are no other changes to the features or performance of the AR7200BX©

Source: Spektrum AR7200BX website and Horizon Hobby Tech Support

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